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Trees, Shrubs, Shelterbelts, Edible Perennials and More

Open for the 2024 Season

Welcome to Mountain Roots Regenerative Tree Farm, where nature meets innovation. Our farm specializes in cold hardy perennials, shelterbelt trees, native species, and edible perennials.

We offer regenerative consultations and landscaping, planting services, and more

to help you live more self-sufficiently. Browse our tree inventory and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about our special offers and events.


Spring Planting

Booking Now!

We are now opening up for the 2024 season.

Book now to secure your trees and shrubs and secure your ideal time for pickup, delivery and / or planting.


Nature's Best

Our Story

Nature Meets Self-Sufficiency 

At Mountain Roots Regenerative Tree Farm, we're passionate about growing sustainably and helping people become more self sufficient by designing set ups that grow themselves and need little input. Our team of experts is dedicated to designing your ideal landscape that stands the test of time and meets the highest quality of standards. Whether you're looking for shelterbelts, cold hardy edible perennials, consultations on an idea you have, learning to grow your own organic food, become more self sufficient we've got you covered.

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